Keep Calm (EP)

by Flutterwhat



This EP is dedicated to all my wonderful fans across the world! thanks for 1000 followers!


released September 3, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Flutterwhat Corpus Christi, Texas

I've been making music for a long time now, and it's about time you heard some of it!

Follow for a smooth and unpredictable electronic flow with occasional turbulence.

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Track Name: Keep Calm
Keep calm, gilda.
No need to lash out.
Where is this coming from?
Maybe you'll figure it out.
But just keep calm...
Keep calm.

I haven't seen you in so long,
and this is how you act!
You're on your worst behavior, and there's no need for that.
So just keep calm.
Keep calm.

you were my best friend one,
and i remember you being nice
and you returned this bitter old giffin, i wonder what happened.
Tell me, confide in me
I want to know everthing
what turned you into this?
Track Name: Chin up, Fauxie
Chin up Fauxie,
don't be so hard on yourself now.
Things look nasty,
But remember that we're here now.

Flutterwhat, and you're many followers.

*fans giving praise: Loudest decibel, Pig Fish, and Melly.*

Chin up Fauxie,
I hope that you are smiling now.
If you're worried,
just continue to listen on!

Because, you're an inspiration.
Not just to me, for a section of the generation.
They see themselves in you
because of you maybe they'll draw too
maybe they'll grow just as you have
you'll be in their inspiration tag.