Let Me Dance, Let Me Glisten

by Flutterwhat



This version of the single differs from it's ScourgeQuest bandcamp release. (bit.ly/1CIjqsF) It includes two additional tracks from the ScourgeQuest III BETA 1 Release, both of witch share the same core melody.


released April 14, 2015




Flutterwhat Corpus Christi, Texas

I've been making music for a long time now, and it's about time you heard some of it!

Follow for a smooth and unpredictable electronic flow with occasional turbulence.

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Track Name: Let Me Dance, Let Me Glisten
Beats blastin in the club,
Let me dance, let me listen.
everyone one is hella drunk
drink like it's a competition

you wanna learn these moves?
You just want the best views
Look at how i glow
let the light mystify you

Let me dance, Let me glisten! x2

have you gotten a good look
the Musics getting to the hook
pour to me another glass
I want this whole night to last


I can see it in your eyes
I've got you hypnotized
keep telling me your lies
I enjoy how you hard try
You can look, but never touch
cause he night doesn't hold your luck
watch my hips swing
make me into your fantasy